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Rules & Regulations Regarding Pets

1Pets are a very important part of many people’s families.  We believe very strongly that they enrich our lives with the love they freely share.  We also believe that responsible pet owners make wonderful tenants; therefore it is our policy not to property manage for owners who will not consider allowing pets.  However, sometimes the size of a property or location factors into the advisability of having pets.  For instance, a 1000 sq ft house with an unfenced yard on a busy street would probably not work well for someone who had 3 collies!

Read the following Rules and Regulations carefully.  If you apply to lease a property, you will be asked to sign this form and furnish a copy of an up-to-date veterinary statement regarding your pet vaccinations and spay/neuter records at the time of signing of the lease.

The following Rules and Regulations were primarily written with regard to dogsand cats.  Wildlife or exotic animals are protected species and are never allowed to be kept as pets.  The keeping of any pets other than cats and dogs should also be approved in writing by property manager, and statements below which would not apply shall be struck out and initialed by tenant and property manager.

1.  All pets must be spayed/neutered prior to move-in.  Many people think that only female animals need to be ‘fixed’.  Neutering male animals lessens aggression, the tendency to wander and also lengthens their lives.

2.  No animal is EVER allowed to be kept on a chain or in a small lot isolated away from the main house.  Pets thrive on human companionship; and dogs in particular regard their humans as the ‘leader of the pack’, so to speak.  It has always been beyond our comprehension why anyone would want to have an animal in the first place if they desire to have no contact with it (as you can tell, we feel very strongly about this subject; and make no apologies for it).

3.  All pets must be provided with shelter, food and water, must be kept clean and flea and tick-free.  If fleas become a problem, tenant agrees to pay for professional extermination services to eradicate them.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is any animal allowed to remain outside in weather below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, or without shade in temperatures exceeding 80 degrees.  ANIMALS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE KEPT ENCLOSED IN GARAGES.

4.  If tenants do not have a pet upon moving into the premises, but wish to get one while living there, a request is to be submitted in writing to property manager PRIOR to acquiring the pet, and any pet adopted must visit a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of adoption in order that a statement of health and vaccination be provided to property manager.  If a puppy or kitten is not yet 4 months of age when adopted, spay or neuter must be completed by 6 months of age.

5.  Under NO circumstances is breeding of animals allowed on the premises.  There are far TOO MANY unwanted and homeless animals as it is.  We encourage the adoption of rescued animals through your local shelter or rescue organization.

6.  Unfortunately depending upon the owner’s insurance, some breeds of dogs are not allowed, due to insurance ratings.

7.  Pets should not be expected to remain inside a house for extended hours without having a way to relieve themselves.  If you leave for work at 7 am and don’t get home until 6 pm, you will need to make arrangements so that the animal can relieve him or herself without having an ‘accident’ inside (which by the way would no more be an accident than going to the bathroom would be for a human who had been expected to hold it that long!)  Extended kenneling (caging) of animals is not encouraged.

8.  Aggressive animals which represent a danger to other animals or people are never allowed.  ANY animal bite or attack shall be immediately reported to Larson Properties.

9.  All local municipalities have leash laws, and many towns and municipalities have limits upon the number of pets per household.  Tenants agree to abide by applicable zoning/leash laws and not allow pets to roam onto or soil the private property of others, creating a nuisance.

10.  Tenants agree to accept financial responsibility in the event of any damage done by their pet to the owner’s property, just as they would if their children damaged the owner’s property, whether inside or outside the house.

11.  Tenants are never to travel out of town and leave pets unattended.  Tenants are also prohibited from ‘petsitting’ for others, without written advance permission by Larson Property Management.


Tenants will be asked to furnish the following information regarding each pet at the time of application:

1.  Type of pet (dog/cat/rabbit/bird, etc.)
2.  Name of pet
3.  Weight and age of pet
4.  Color of pet
5.  Name and contact information for veterinarian
6.  Number of pets