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Do you have a home that you’re thinking about renting out? Have you ever rented a home before? Perhaps you have a home that’s been on the market for sale and that ‘right buyer’ has just not come along yet, and you need to get to your new location and get on with your life! Or perhaps you’ve already moved, and your previous home is sitting empty – not a good thing for any house! Would you like to know how much it would rent for – or what you need to do to make it rentable? Or perhaps you’d like to just ask some questions about how the process works. That’s what we’re here for – call on us.

Are you thinking about buying a property for investment purposes? We list and sell properties as well. Would you like an analysis of what that property might rent for – or a recommendation as to whether or not it could be a profitable investment? Or perhaps some advice on what you’d need to do to ‘fix it up’ for rental purposes. Again, that’s what we’re here for! Give us a call. And if you’re working with a Realtor who is showing you homes – no problem – no conflict. We’d be glad to do an analysis for them at no charge as well! We value our real estate ties in the community and welcome the opportunity to work with other Realtors.