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About Us

With a cumulative 20 years of real estate listing and selling experience, in 2005, my husband Chuck and I decided to focus our business on the property management of NICE residential homes – homes that would appeal to good folks who wanted a decent place to live – homes that we would not hesitate to live in ourselves. With a background in listings and sales, and a great network of real estate agents in Alamance County who have been kind to refer business to us; we began with about 15 homes; and today manage over 150 single family properties. Our business consists of not only property management, but we also sell and list properties for some of our investors; as well as assist other agents from time to time with analyzing properties as investments for their clients. We appreciate the opportunity to work hand in hand with fellow agents, and believe that what ‘goes around, comes around’.

One of the things that was very important to us was to emphasize the fact that pets are an important part of some family’s lives; to some people they ARE their children. We believe that a responsible pet owner who spays or neuters, maintains veterinary care; and treats their pet as a valued member of the household (as opposed to chained in the yard, or located in a lot 50 feet from the back of the home) is the kind of person that will also take care of a home. So ALL of our properties are pet friendly. We screen people – and we view the pets kind of like children; in that they cannot control their surroundings or their ‘parents’.

We have been so blessed with business that in 2013, we were joined by Nancy Doby, who is also a licensed real estate broker; and now our right arm! I can’t imagine how we’d function without her.

Our primary areas of operation are from the eastern side of Guilford County through all of Alamance County to the Western part of Orange County.

Please call or email if we can be of service!

-June Larson, Broker/Co-owner